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A Male Model Showing Hair Loss In Phoenixville PA with treatment of PRF at Nakd Aesthetics

Hair Restoration in Phoenixville, PA.

for Hair Restoration

Pricing | $500 per session

*A minimum of 3-4 treatment sessions spaced apart 4 to 6 weeks recommended for optimal results

A natural and effective treatment option to target hair loss in Phoenixville, PA for individuals seeking to improve hair density and combat hair loss. By leveraging the body’s own healing mechanisms, PRF for hair loss can provide long-lasting and noticeable improvements in hair health over a series of treatments. 

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A female showing herself representing female hair loss treatments in Phoenixville PA



Efficacy: studies have shown that PRF for hair loss can significantly improve hair density and thickness. On average, patients experience a 30-40% increase in hair density after several sessions.

Reduction in Hair Loss: clinical trials have shown that PRF therapy for hair loss can reduce hair shedding by 25-50% within the first few months of treatment.

FAQs Sculpra

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PRF?

What does PRF do?

What can I expect during my PRF appointment?

Why should I try PRF?

Does PRF grow hair?

When is best to do PRF?

Are there any side effects of PRF hair restoration?

How long do PRF results last?

How painful is PRF?

How many PRF sessions do I need?

Where is PRF injected?

What is the difference between PRF and PRP?

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